What people are saying

The transformation I’ve experienced since working with Denae has been incredible. Over the last three months, she’s helped me navigate the process of digging deeper within myself in a way that feels natural and easy. She’s helped me uncover my passions and I’m now finally taking action to make my dreams a reality. Denae’s experiences in work and life make her incredibly relatable to any woman who is working in an office from 9-6 but knows there’s something more within her to share. She’s helped me to see that I don’t actually have to quit my job in order to feel happy and empowered and I now have a small side business that I’m about to launch! As a side-effect, she’s also helped me heal my relationship with food. By working together I came to see why I was restricting my food intake. Now that I’m taking control of my life, I finally feel happy and back in balance.
— Molly L, Account Supervisor
Denae is amazing! She is an incredible listener and coach who has supported me in finding more balance and ease. I highly recommend her for women who are looking to understand themselves more deeply and find more joy in their day-to-day, with food, but also beyond food! If you’re looking to feel more energized throughout the day, Denae will help you make the small changes that go a long way.
— Maria Molfino, Women's leadership coach
Working with Denae felt like a warm hug at the end of my day. She has the gift of being highly empathetic while also providing practical tools that helped me tap into the root cause of my habits which ultimately impacted my day and lifestyle. By making small changes with her support, I found myself moving through life with a renewed sense of self love and empowerment. I would highly recommend working with her if you’re interested in getting back in touch with yourself.
— Christina B., Sales Consultant