What people are saying

I didn’t know how badly I needed Denae until we worked together + then I never wanted to let her go. Denae not only helped us hone in on message development + truly fine-tune our content, but she also created a completely flushed out media strategy. She was able to highlight all the reporters needed for press releases as well as develop newsletter topics + emails in a way that was easy to digest + kept the receiver in mind. Denae understands PR like the back of her hand. She’s quick, witty, smart + extremely efficient, and moves through each process with soul, intuition + care for her client. Every office needs a Denae!
— Devon Loftus, Founder of Moon Cycle Bakery
Before working with Denae I was overwhelmed with my social media strategy. I felt uninspired in how to connect to the people I really wanted to reach and didn’t know what step to take next. Through working with Denae, we created a strategy to refine my brand. She went through my backlog of blog posts and podcasts to pull out the gems of inspiring content I had already created that would speak to my ideal client. She helped me write the posts with grace, forming my own content into bite-sized pieces of wisdom that went straight to the heart.

Denae also helped me craft my posts for the IIN Instagram takeover, which resulted with over one hundred new followers in one day. Over the time we worked together, my Instagram following significantly grew and I felt like I was finally connecting with the kind, sweet and nurturing women I knew were out there, looking for wisdom and guidance.

But even more than that, it was a joy to connect with her weekly over the phone and in emails. I felt authentically supported every step of the way.
— Meredith Rom, Leadership & Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Founder of the Rising Women Leaders Podcast, meredithrom.com
Working with Denae has been amazing. She helped me think through my social media strategy and gave me valuable feedback on my target audience, engagement, content and hashtags, which made me feel more empowered to take action. I also loved working with someone who resonates with my journey and mission.
— Bernadette Cay, Artist & Product Manager