Look at your palm.

Closer, now.

What do you see?

These patterns have been uniquely designed for you. Your thumbprint is yours to honor and hold.

From the moment we were born we have been told that our uniqueness is what makes the world go round.

Our uniqueness is what fuels our evolution, but it has been overlooked when it comes to keeping our own bodies alive.

When we are saving lives why do we assume that each body will respond in the same way?

Our diversity does not respond to single-track solutions. We are part of nature, after all. Our bodies team with biodiversity and beg to be heard.

Perhaps we are the cause of our own demise.

Perhaps we have forgotten that in order to heal ourselves, we must look within ourselves, and nourish our cells with intimacy. Intention. Clear distinction.

The future of health has plans. But it will require us to look closer. We must honor our palms and accept that every hand does not require the same kind of care.

The solutions have always been within us. Will we approach our days with wider eyes? Will we listen? How will we respond.