Armed with six years of experience managing external communications and public relations for Salesforce, Google, The Federal Reserve Bank & a long list of Silicon Valley start-ups, my freelance services were born out of an unmet need calling for dire attention: deeper intimacy.

Intimacy? Yeah, intimacy. Get your mind outta the gutter peeps! When I say intimacy, I mean getting up and close personal about how your business is advancing humanity. When I say intimacy, I mean getting honest about what your values are as an entrepreneur, and allowing me to act as the bridge between you and the broader public.  When I say intimacy, I mean getting to know your business deeply - every freckle and scar - before I call up the top reporter in your industry and secure your perfect story. By getting real about who you are and how you serve the world, I develop tailored media strategies that attract your target audience and bring forth your desired media coverage.

Where I built my chops:

Nectar Communications (agency) (2016-2017)
Senior Account Executive

I created media relations strategies for Salesforce and Google Cloud. I was the main point of contact to the Salesforce CEO’s PR manager and worked to ensure all media placements and communications were in alignment with Salesforce’s messaging. I developed communications plans for the General Counsel of Salesforce, the Chief Diversity Officer, and helped bring them to fruition. I also worked with Google Cloud in an effort to differentiate them from cloud competitors by creating media relations strategies, developing messaging for Google Cloud's products and by identifying the best speaking opportunities for Google Cloud's top executives. 

  • Most memorable moment: Meditating with monks at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference.

  • Greatest accomplishment: Landing over 150+ media placements for Google's second annual developer conference, Google Next '17 including Forbes, Fortune, and Business Insider.

  • Biggest takeaway: Get to know your clients needs better than they know their own.

Sutherland Gold (agency) (2015-2016)
Account Executive

I worked with Silicon Valley start-ups including Zendesk, Circle,, and Xamarin (acquired by Microsoft during our work together). I built strong media relationships resulting in media placements in Bloomberg, WIRED, Venturebeat, TechCrunch, Fortune, Forbes, and American Banker. Additionally, I wrote bylines for our client executives and co-developed the agency’s social media strategy.

  • Most memorable moment: Buying a WIRED reporter coffee and spilling all over myself...

  • Greatest accomplishment: Launching Circle (payments app) in London and receiving over 100+ media placements including Business Insider, International Business Times, and Reuters.

  • Biggest takeaway: Reporters are people! Be authentic.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (2011-2015)
Senior Communications Consultant

Fresh out of college, I worked my way up from intern to Senior Communications Consultant during the height of the recession. Blackberry in hand, I witnessed the Occupy protests every morning and thought about how to connect with the community that was fired up for good reason. I served as a bridge between the public and the Federal Reserve Bank, exposing the local community to the Federal Reserve’s Community Outreach arm that worked diligently to turn struggling cities in Massachusetts around.

The Working Cities Challenge outlined the essential ingredients needed for struggling cities to revitalize their economy. The process included identifying stakeholders, message development, social media development, and coordinating media interviews between executives and reporters. My team's efforts resulted in widespread media coverage including the New York Times, Boston Globe, and NPR.

  • Most memorable moment: When an NPR reporter fainted on me in the middle of the President’s speech (yikes) + meeting former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke + current Chair Janet Yellen

  • Greatest accomplishment: Waking up to the front page of the New York Times reading, “Boston Fed’s Latest Role: Community Organizer." 

"Economists do not tend to be social activists. And that is especially true if they work for the Federal Reserve, let alone run one of its 12 regional banks. But Eric S. Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, is not afraid to stand out. In December, he was the only Fed policy maker to vote against the central bank’s decision to begin tapering its stimulus efforts. He is also pushing his branch of the central bank to get more involved in the New England economy, not just collecting data and hobnobbing with Boston bankers and corporate executives but also spearheading an effort to turn around some of Massachusetts’ most depressed cities. - THE NEW YORK TIMES

  • Biggest takeaway: Empathy matters.


Needless to say, it’s been a busy six years. Between these jobs, I moved from Boston to San Francisco, spent three months without technology in Big Sur, California, received my health coaching certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and helped bring The Future is Feminine to life. I’ve also been exploring my love for writing, poetry, and photography.