The future is feminine

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What if someone told you the future is not female, but instead, feminine? What if we opened our eyes to see that the way society is currently operating is no longer working? What if we took time to realize that masculine & feminine energies exist in both women & men? What if we finally admitted that we must integrate the feminine to complement and heal this hyper-masculine world? 

In order for anything to function properly, we need balance. And in order to achieve balance, we must speak. We must share. We must support. We must exchange ideas. 

This is why Dana Neilsen and I came together to bring @thefutureisfeminine into a reality.

We’re now selling t-shirts to begin the conversation around what it means to inspire a world where femininity is honored and respected among all genders, races, ages, sexualities, sizes, abilities, and beings. 

What does a balanced world look like to you? Taste like? Sound like? Feel like? What happens when you start to honor your feminine side - through feeling and nurturing and supporting and surrendering and birthing dreams and ideas? We want to know. Your voice matters.

Check out the Etsy page to learn more about the future is feminine movement. T-shirts available in both black and white for both men and women!